Music is My Home

After many years working as a music educator/director and performer, in retirement and some seclusion I continue to strive to connect to music within me and music and musicians around me.  One of my music mentors-Thad Jones-once told us in class years ago, there are only 2 types of music-good and bad. What determines that is almost impossible to define and is totally up to the creator and the listener, and both of those people are connected. If one can fully appreciate the sound of one simple tone or rhythm which another of my mentors taught me-one might be able to begin to comprehend the true meaning and importance of music as  language and as a creative process. Keith Jarret once said, the value of music is to enable us to stay alert!  Possibly he meant that to truly appreciate our relatively short lives here on earth and those of others we must stay alert to all life around us, and music creation in its purest form might be the language that enables us to do that. I know that in the best performances I have been a part of and with the many musicians I have had the privilege to work with I have felt a connection, power and mystery that I have been unable to experience in any other way. Except when I played weddings! (only kidding)